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Showing posts from February, 2008

Balancing Act

I have always enjoyed event coverage as I never know what to expect from one moment to the next.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend a local arts festival in the North Davidson community of Charlotte. Initially, I didn't know what to expect as many of the participants were heavily influenced by the arts and possibly a few illegal substances.

New Studio Shots

Today was my first day taking advantage of my new studio space. Although I am becoming more familiar with controlled lighting, I still chose to keep the set up basic for this test shoot.

New Studio Space

I would like to announce a wonderful business partnership that has allowed me to secure a studio space just south of Charlotte. I'm looking forward to expanding my creative process as I now have a workspace that is dedicated to photography.

I'll make sure I post a few updates such as images and video as I continue to create works of art.

Stretching The Photography Dollar

Having built my skills as well as my arsenal of photography equipment from the ground up, I have always had a fond appreciation for discovering new ways to stretch my investment dollars and time while avoiding the cheap feel or look.

With this in mind, I recently have been working on collecting studio equipment such as strobes, umbrellas, back drops and various support systems. As I was recently shopping around for backgrounds, I quickly realized they are not cheap. A trip to a few local camera shops in search of 26 foot muslins quickly produced expensive results.

New Business Venture

Fantastic news!!! I recently opened discussion with a local business man on joining a local photography studio partnership. After a few meetings and sharing our unique passions for photography, we have agreed verbally to establishing a business relationship that I hope will open doors in the future.