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1-on-1 Photography Lessons Available

Do you live in Charlotte and have an interest in digital photography but are not sure of the steps to take or how to get the most from the gear and equipment you already own?With my experience as a digital photographer and customized instruction you can create images that make your friends and family say wow or create an additional stream of income for your household.

Studio lighting Portrait Photography Tutorial


This is a great video on using a large softbox.  In the video the instructor demonstrates several lighting techniques as well as a trick for metering the balanced output of the light to avoid a "hotspot." I actually use this metering approach to ensure that I don't run into dramatically un-even light in my images.

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Charlotte,NC Photography Studio Share

The winter is just around the corner in Charlotte, NC and unlike bobsled racing, photographers sometimes need a warm, dry place to work.  Our studio share located in Matthews, NC currently has several openings for photographers interested in having 24-hour access to a comfortable workspace.  For $200 a month, studio share members enjoy the following:

Why I Chose Senior Photos

So, after a lot of consideration I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to find one lane in photography and commit myself to it.  Having said that, I decided to consider my strengths as a photographer:

I love fashion and editorial photography and constantly shoot with the vision that one day I'll see my work in a magazine.I possess the resources and skills to shoot in just about any situation.Everyone wants to look cool in their images and I have always found a way to make that happen.

I needed Abs

This has been a busy month for me behind the camera, but it was much overdo since I neglected my passion for most of the past year.  Now that I'm committing more time to photography, my creative juices have been flowing and I've been working on new images to show off my skills.  During the Summer Olympics, I saw a Nike ad campaign that inspired me to test my skills and attempt to recreate the images I saw, but first I needed the right model...

Blog overhaul

I would like to thank all of my loyal fans for sticking with me all these years.  I have decided to put more time into managing my blog and building stronger relationships with my clients and fans of my work.  My goal is for this blog to be a resource for anyone interested in digital photography.  Whether you like my style or simply want to communicate with me, you will find it on this site.  I look forward to sharing my skills and interests with you and hope you come back time and time again.-Julian

Photography Vids