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3rd Annual QC Fashion Expo: Pics Available!

Recently Stay Fly Entertainment, LLC held its 3rd Annual QC Fashion Expo at Club Eclipse in Charlotte. Click the image to view the image gallery and to purchase prints and/or digital

Show Notes:
As always, I did my best to support my special someone and she did a fantastic job working the runway in this show. Overall, I ended up taking well over 450 images as the pace was quick and the designers definitely kept the styles coming!

Aside from the packed club, music, models, and various scenes that played out on the runway, the most notable highlight occurred when a local up and coming rap artist introduced a new dance called the "drunk man" in which he began to stagger from side to side while nearly falling into the laps of the audience members.

Initially, audience members did not seem interested in the content of the song, as it provided a brief intermission during the show, but when the new dance was introduced, the young performer quickly had the crowd eating from his hands.

I would have captured a shot or two of this new dance had I not been in the middle of a battery change for my flash!


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