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1-on-1 Photography Lessons Available

Do you live in Charlotte and have an interest in digital photography but are not sure of the steps to take or how to get the most from the gear and equipment you already own?  With my experience as a digital photographer and customized instruction you can create images that make your friends and family say wow or create an additional stream of income for your household.

Don’t be discouraged by the belief you need to invest thousands of dollars into professional photography equipment.  With the proper one-on-one instruction you can become a proficient photographer with anything from a camera phone up to today’s most expensive cameras.

Each lesson is customized based on the resources you have access to, so you will never have to face the embarrassment of walking into a workshop or a meetup with inferior equipment.  Whether you are just getting into photography and want to learn how to better use ambient light or want to advance your skills in a studio, our one-on-one instruction will place you on a path to great photography.

Here are few of the one-on-one workshops available:

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Digital Photography Basics
  • File Management
  • Working with Ambient Light
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Glamour Editing
  • Studio Lighting
  • Planning a Shoot
  • Branding Through Social Media
  • Building Your Kit
  • Printing

Contact me today a for rates and to let me know how I can assist you in achieving your goals as a digital photographer.  


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